Friday, November 16, 2012 at 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Old Saint Paul's Episcopal Church 233 N Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21225

DISTURBIA ConcertDISTURBIA is a haunting glimpse at the chilling fragility of the human psyche when pushed to its limits. Through the human voice, DISTURBIA depicts the trauma, fear, and uncertainty of change that can only be overshadowed by the remorse, regret, and depression of stagnancy. When having to choose between “progress” and “constancy,” the voice cries out for understanding, clarity, and above all, reason, aching to have the inner turmoil quenched by solemn and absolute truth. In works by such composers as Stravinsky, Floyd, Copland, and Schubert, that viscerally communicate this battle, audiences will hear the resonance of these and other mood depictions while contemplating the present political conflict in which we live. An emotional rollercoaster of internal war and hard-wrought resignation whose uneasiness, by comparison, can only be described as peace, this concert will leave you breathless and pensive, at the height of cathartic release.

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