Invited Speaker - Dr. Steve Nida. "Making a Difference: The Power of the Insightful Individual in Combating Ostracism, Bullying, and Other Negative Social Behaviors."

Dr. Steve Nida will present, "Making a Difference: The Power of the Insightful Individual in Combating Ostracism, Bullying, and Other Negative Social Behaviors."


ABSTRACT: The awareness and understanding of social psychological processes have the unique power to enable the individual to alter his or her behavior so as not to fall victim to prevailing social forces.  Such forces often produce undesirable consequences; when they do, someone with the appropriate knowledge can sometimes intervene to change the situation.  Using examples from research on bystander intervention in emergencies, group processes, consumer decision-making, and ostracism – as well as the presenter's own experiences in the classroom – this talk will present a variety of examples of how a single person, armed with insight based on social psychological principles, can make a difference.  Ostracism and social exclusion (the topic that has been the focus of most of my research during the last decade) will receive particular emphasis.  Afterward, attendees should:  (1) understand the possible consequences of ostracism, particularly for children and adolescents; (2) be aware of a basic strategy for assessing the prevalence and impact of ostracism and bullying; and (3) appreciate the power of the single individual to counter the effects of social rejection.

Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 7:00pm to 8:00pm

McDaniel Lounge

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