Opening Reception - "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" - McDaniel College Senior Capstone Exhibition Two

McDaniel College’s Department of Art and Art History presents “Everything but the Kitchen Sink,” the second of its two senior capstone exhibitions, May 7 through May 17 in the Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall.  The show will feature work from students working in studio art.  An opening artists’ reception will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. May 7.  Some work in this exhibition explores adult content and is intended for mature audiences only.

Mixed media and video artist Dani Allen says her work “explores female sexual identity as both a construction of an interior, fantasy life and the (often troubled or distant) relationship women have to their vulvas.  In revealing my sexual fantasies I seek to engage the viewer and myself in a conversation that rejects restrictions on sexual thought.  By confronting and dissecting the experiences women and girls have with their vulvas and vaginas I seek to create a space in which those experiences become valid, significant, and vocal.”

Caitlin Bennett’s body of work “deals with the disconnect that I have felt grow while traveling back and forth across the country for school.  These yearly migrations are repetitive and monotonous which is why a lot of my work is done in series of drawings or photographs.  My work is done in black and white so as to keep the content of the images sterile and cold; not as having much emotion attached to them.  Through my work I am trying to make connections and bridge the gap between my two homes.”

Dara Dinisio works with mixed media and fibers to explore “the rapidly progressive fashion industry through the use of timeless elements, such as old magazines, color palettes, wire hangers and thread.  I incorporated the idea of expectations on an individual.  You can see the attempt to hide underneath your clothes, but inevitably you are wearing characteristics of yourself and the industry for everyone to see and judge.”

Childhood and adulthood hardships and the striking similarity in the emotions they elicit is the primary theme of Elyse Hyle’s drawings and mixed media work.  “As adults we look back at our childhood as a carefree wondrous time,” says Hyle, “but in reality childhood was just as hard for us as adulthood is today.  As children we were just better at letting the stresses of life go and focus on the things that made us happier.  Many of my works depict childhood toys and some of my art will be interactive for the viewer, to encourage play.”

Keith Wilus will display small graphite drawings on paper and a wood burnt drawing.  “They are a combination of portrait drawings and studies of messy rooms in houses or garages,” says Wilus.  “The idea behind the messy rooms in particular was to add the element of control to an otherwise uncontrolled space, and the portraits were completed on my own time as part of my interest in portrait work.”

Claire Wooley, who will display drawings, sculpture, and photography, says her “body of work focuses on human insecurities.  People are dawn to chairs to sit down, to get out of the line of attention.  I want my work to express that sometimes it can be just as comfortable to stand, be proud, and don't be so quick to take a seat.”

Through her drawings and paintings, Kira Young “experiments with the notions of contradiction and rebellion, two ideas that are sometimes experienced when an individual tires of the figurative confines of everyday life.  I create pieces that are both perfect and imperfect according to my own strict standards, and they allow me to find a balance between control and freedom.  Ultimately, I am exploring how beauty and spontaneity can be found in the imperfections and the contradictions, as well as in carefully controlled and manipulated artworks.”

Other students who will be displaying work include Colin Donnelly, Nick Turrissi, and Sara Yost.

The reception and exhibition are free and open to the public.  For information and to confirm gallery hours, please call 410-857-2595.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Peterson Hall, Rice Gallery

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Art & Art History


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