"On the Wall, On the Floor, and On the Mind" - The McDaniel College Honors Exhibition

McDaniel College’s Department of Art and Art History presents "On the Wall, On the Floor, and On the Mind,” its annual Honors Art Exhibition through April 4 in The Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall.  AStudents displaying work include Brent Budge, Sara Caporaletti, Julia Celebrado-Royer, Lindsay Kellogg, and Casey Roberds.

“My work focuses on the different ways humans perceive the world, how we perceive it, and the ramifications of perceiving in these ways,” states mixed media artist Brent Budge.  Some of my work is designed to make audiences consider what life would be like if they perceived the world differently (like if they suffered from certain disorders), some makes them question how dependable their perceptions are, and some illustrate what life would be like if our senses worked differently.  Typically my art is designed to force the user to draw his or her own conclusion about the subject but all of my pieces require some degree of interaction from the audience.

Julia Celebrado-Royer works in several media, including pen and ink, watercolor, oil paint, woodcut, silkscreen and digital art.  “My artworks deal with the search for identity through exploring childhood memories,” she says.  “I use childhood photographs, written or verbal accounts, and personal documents to stimulate, and also validate, these memories.”

Sara Caporaletti feels that “identity is a personal aspect that continues to evolve over time.  My art focuses on the many factors, attributes, and characteristics that make me a unique person.  Through a variety of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, and video/audio, I hope to convey an authentic portrait of who I am.“

Through her work in text and digital media, Lindsay Kellogg explores “the importance and comfort of being anonymous in a public world.  I create anonymous people, who while remaining anonymous, are very revealing.  The viewer is then enabled to create his or her own people based on the art presented to them and learn from these people without knowing who they are.”

“I work in everything from body painting, drawing, to newspapers, to rocks, and video” notes Casey Roberds.  “My portfolio focuses on violent human behavior and why such behavior is deprived and disguised on the surface of ourselves and ultimately, buried deep within our self-conscious.  It also focuses on violent media and the society to which we endure today, revealing how we have become numb to violent vocabulary and imagery.  My work appears at first appealing, average, and intriguing, but once the viewer becomes vigilant of the imagery, one can understand the violence surfacing the piece.  The fundamental objective of my work is to reveal our natural tendencies of violence and to the make the viewer fully and ultimately aware of our vicious and barbaric behaviors.”

The exhibition is free and open to the public.  For information and to confirm gallery hours, please call 410-857-2595.

Friday, April 4, 2014 at 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Peterson Hall, Rice Gallery

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Art & Art History
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