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Monday Night Music presents Trio Giocoso

McDaniel College’s Monday Night Music series will present Trio Giocoso with Nicholas Currie, violin, Adam Gonzalez, cello, and Diana Greene, piano, on...

10/23 7pm
Student Solo Recital

The McDaniel College Department of Music will present a Student Solo Recital on Friday, November 10 at 7:00 p.m. The recital, which takes place in McDaniel...

11/10 7pm
Monday Night Music presents Lynne Griffith, horn

The McDaniel College Department of Music will present a concert featuring Lynne Griffith, horn, with Rachel Andrews, piano, on Monday, November 13 at 7:00...

11/13 7pm
Books Sandwiched In

For the 26th year, Jane Sharpe, associate librarian emerita at McDaniel College, provides advice on the best books to give as holiday gifts. During this...

11/16 12pm
Books Sandwiched In

Please join us Thursday, November 16th for “Books Sandwiched In" from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. in McDaniel Lounge. Good books make great gifts! McDaniel College’s...

11/16 12pm

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Thomas Milnes

Thomas Milnes left a positive review 1/30/2017

I really enjoyed the concert that evening. I am a German major, so it was very interesting for me to listen to some of his music sung in the original German. The three musicians that were performing were outstanding. I especially enjoyed the collaboration piece between the piano and cello. Honestly, it knocked my socks off; the music was just so passionate and skillfully executed. Kudos to these great performers (whose names I can't quite remember right now).

Catherine Bodin

Catherine Bodin left a positive review 4/22/2014

This was a wonderful, user-friendly lecture by a leading authority in a much-neglected field of American studies, and he was a delight to listen to!


scs011 left a negative review 11/15/2011

Not what I expected...


pzappard left a positive review 2/25/2013



hlb001 left a positive review 2/9/2013

I completely loved it i laughed I cried and I am planning on seeing it again next year. Great job everyone truly great job!


jad012 left a positive review 11/15/2012

Very enjoyable. I plan to come again.


mjoyce left a positive review 3/21/2012

What a wonderful event! The stories of all the fantastic women were incredibly inspirational!


mjoyce left a positive review 2/8/2012

It was absolutely phenomenal!!! Chelsey is not only talented beyond measure, but brings so much energy and passion to her performances and audience. Wow!!!


mewarehime left a positive review 8/24/2011

I enjoyed getting to meet all of you. You are a wonderful group of students and I am confident that each and every one of you will help our honors program soar to new heights! Again, welcome to McDaniel and know that I look forward to working with all of you.

Debra Lemke

Debra Lemke left a positive review 4/25/2011

A wonderful talk. Very well attended by students